iMatrix-511 (recombinant laminin-511): Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Matrix


Propagation of embryonic stem (ES) cells or induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells requires a culture substrate that retains pluripotency, a stable karyotype, and expression of pluripotency markers. iMatrix-511 is a recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragment product that can be used as an ES or iPS cell-culture substrate. These recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments permit maintenance of human ES and iPS cells in xeno-free culture conditions and provide greater adhesive properties than either full-length laminin, vitronectin, or undefined basement membrane reagents such as Matrigel. The iMatrix-511 cell-culture reagent allows stem cell culture in the absence of mouse feeder cells.
  • Recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments are truncated, functional forms of laminin composed of the C-terminal regions of the alpha, beta, and gamma chains. Laminin-511 E8 (150 kDa) retains the full capability for binding to alpha 6 beta 1 integrin. Based on research performed at Kyoto University and Osaka University, recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments are available as iMatrix-511. This product is available through an agreement between Takara Bio Inc. and Nippi, Inc.


  • Laminin-511 is well known to bind to integrin α6ß1, which is located on the cell surface. iMatrix-511 is a recombinant fragment of laminin-511 which acts as a substrate for stem cell culture media for ESCs and iPSCs. 
  • Chemically defined stem cell culture substrate for animal-free, xeno-free, feeder-free ES or iPS cell culture
  • Provides greater adhesion of human ES and iPS cells than Matrigel or full-length laminin
  • Laminin-511 E8 fragments sustain long-term self-renewal of human ES and iPS cells in defined xeno-free media with dissociated cell passaging
  • Promotes high expression of pluripotency markers, normal karyotype, and retained ability to differentiate into all three germ layers
  • Size: 6 x 175 ug

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