PerfectShot™ Ex Taq™ DNA Polymerase (Loading dye mix)


Takara-brand PremixEx Taq is an optimized 2X PCR master mix composed of Takara Ex Taq polymerase blend, Ex Taq reaction buffer (Mg2+), and dNTP mixture. Premix Ex Taq is designed for quick and easy assembly (via dilution only) of the PCR master mix. A loading dye-added 2X master mix (PerfectShot Ex Taq DNA Polymerase) is available for convenient loading of PCR products in agarose gels.

Ex Taq 
is also available in the following formats.

  • Individual components—including Ex Taq polymerase mix, dNTP mixture, and 10X reaction buffer (with or without Mg2+) for individual reaction setup and optimization.
  • An antibody-mediated hot-start version—for preventing non-specific amplification from mispriming during reaction setup.
  • A loading dye-added, 2X PCR master mix of Takara Ex TaqDNA polymerase, optimized buffer, and dNTPs. Please refer to the User Manual for buffer composition. Takara Ex Taq DNA polymerase combines the proven performance of Takara Taq polymerase with the proofreading activity of an efficient 3'-to-5' exonuclease, for high-sensitivity, high-efficiency PCR. Ex Taq is optimized for amplicons up to 20 kb from genomic DNA, and up to 30 kb from lambda DNA.


  • High-yield, high-sensitivity PCR
  • Premixed PCR master mix for convenient amplification requiring minimal assembly
  • Generation of PCR products having >80% cloning efficiency in T-vectors
  • Size: 48 Rxns

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