PrimeDirect Probe RT, QPCR MIX


PrimeDirect Probe RT-qPCR Mix enabled the detection of viral RNA directly from biological samples. The detection sensitivity from nasal cavity swab samples and saliva samples was 20 copies/μl, and the sensitivity from mouth swab samples was 2 copies/μl.

PrimeDirect Probe RT-qPCR Mix is designed for one-step, real-time RT-PCR via probe detection (5'-nuclease method). This product is supplied as a 2X premix to facilitate the easy preparation of reaction mixtures. It requires only the addition of your primer, probe, and sample, and the RT-qPCR can be performed by simply adding your sample directly to the reaction mixture without intervening nucleic acid purification steps. Because this product is highly resistant to various PCR inhibitors in blood and soil, it can be used to directly detect pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, in various biological specimens and to directly analyze gene expression in cells. 

  • Detection of inactivated influenza A virus H1N1
    PrimeDirect Probe RT-qPCR Mix may be used directly with many types of biological samples, without the need for RNA purification, saving valuable time and resources. We performed H1N1 detection directly on biological samples using PrimeDirect Probe RT-qPCR Mix. Inactivated influenza A virus was spiked into mouth swab samples, nasal swab samples, and saliva samples at a concentration of 2 x 100–102 copies/µl.